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The Gluten Free Oreo Has Finally Arrived

Photo c/o: Oreo

Nabisco has listened to it's consumers, and have released a gluten free version of its Oreo cookie. For those suffering from a gluten intolerance or Celiac disease, this comes as a welcome addition to products available for purchase. Many gluten free products miss the mark when being compared to their original counterparts.

Like with all gluten free products, the GF package size is smaller (14.03oz) and offers less product than a traditional package of Oreos (15.35oz). It is also worth mentioning that while traditional Oreos were on sale, these remained at full price. The look and design of the package is white in contrast to the standard blue packaging that we have all come to love, intended to differentiate between the products.

We sampled the Double Stuf version and the look of the Oreo is spot on, and tastes exactly like the real deal. The cookie was very crisp and the cream filling, soft in texture, satisfied that long lost craving. In a side by side comparison, it would be difficult for some to distinguish the difference between the two. The only difference noticed was in the cookie itself, there were a few larger pieces of rice flour contained within. In my experience, this is not uncommon and can also be found in similar cookies such as Glutino brand sandwich cookies.

Nabisco really nailed it with these and it is encouraging for the millions of consumers that suffer from gluten allergies that companies are finally listening. Recently, Kraft released a gluten free version of its macaroni and cheese and more and more companies are marking their products as gluten free. However, it is always important to carefully read the ingredients and nutrition label. With some gf products, there will be a warning that their items made in a factory that also processes wheat. Some Great Value products that Wal-Mart produces, for example, have such a warning or other products may sneak in an ingredient that contains wheat such as malt vinegar.

Wal-mart's allergy warning Photo: Jason Malo

Sites such as do a fantastic job testing foods for trace gluten and contacting companies in regards to mislabeled products. Results for the products they have already tested can be found on their website.

With the addition of the gluten free Oreo, wheat sensitive cookie lovers can rejoice and take a moment to pour a glass of milk and dunk a few of a classic favorite. Remember, it's like the Cookie Monster says, "Without my cookies, I'm just a monster".


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