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Mtn Dew Major Melon Collie and The Infinite Sadness

Photo c/o Pepsi Co

If you grew up in the 80' or 90's, you may remember television commercials (and get the reference in the title) inundating your morning cartoons and Disney afternoons, showing neon clad skateboarders on vert ramps, chugging an electric yellow carbonated beverage to help them "Get Vertical". Pepsi Co's Mtn Dew has been a staple commodity for angsty teens and soda enthusiasts for over 70 years. The caffinated citrus beverage, invented in the hills of Tennessee during the 1940s and acquired by Pepsi in the 60s¹, has undergone several changes from its original formula over the years. Developed as a mixer for whiskey, Ally and Barney Hartman's concoction was aptly named Mountain Dew, a local nickname for moonshine². Presently, Mtn Dew commands a large market share of the beverage industry accounting for 6 to 7 percent of all US soda sales according to Statista.com³.

With a large following of thirst driven enthusiasts, Mt. Dew has released several new flavors over the years including the ever popular Baja Blast sold exclusively at Taco Bell with the exception of limited releases. So when Pepsi announced a new flavor of Dew for the first time in a decade, soda lovers had something to look forward to without fear of being guilted into a late night chalupa.

Mtn Dew's Major Melon debuted early in January, with a watermelon inspired beverage and the caffine kick consumers come to expect from the brand with 91mg of caffeine per 20 oz. The soda itself has a pinkish hue and the bottle is adorned with cartoon watermelons and hints of green, presenting a visual expectation of the flavor within. The beverage itself is crisp, bubbly and not overpowering with the traditional artificial watermelon flavor. To compare it with a fruit flavored Fanta beverage, the Mt Dew would taste less intense and be slightly more palatable in my opinion.

Overall the new flavor of Mtn Dew is enjoyable but not a product that I would consistently buy. With the addition of many new healthier options of flavored sparkling waters and Americans new found obsession with seltzer, Pepsi is taking a chance by creating a new soda product under a familiar brand. Unfortunately this product will probably eventually fizzle out and go extinct like Mtn Dew Kryptonite Ice and the fanny pack. As my caffeine/sugar rush kicks in and someone asks me what is the matter, I will only have one reply; "Chip, I'm all jacked up on Mtn Dew!"

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