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Brunch Hour in Quincy, MA


1647 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA 02169

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Quincy is a historic South Shore city that offers an arrangement of places to see, wander and experience just 10 minutes outside of the city! Quincy is full of charming and modern can't miss spots to wine, dine and feast... one of my new favorites being - Liberty Tavern!

Liberty Tavern is a classy American styled tavern that is family and locally owned and operated. A refreshing, upbeat ambience that delivers outstanding service, mouth watering pizza fresh out of their wood fire ovens, elegant and exhilarating cocktails, and a day out with friends you will never forget... or maybe you will (that's the cocktails speaking). So, let's get down to the goods.


#1 Liberty Iced

Photo C/O: Instagram: @libertytavernquincy

Mmm...Vanilla vodka, cold brew coffee, Irish creme. She's one of my favs. Especially when the SuNdAy ScAriES kick in. Liberty Tavern has three unique coffee cocktails on their menu right now for brunch, be sure to try their Peanut Butter Cup and The Irishman as well if you are a coffee lover like myself.

They are the perfect kick you need to continue on with your Sunday Funday. Don't let the scaries kick you... kick the scaries.

#2 Chicken and Waffles

Photo C/O: Author: Jaz Bonenfant

"Chicken and Waffles baaaaabbby." My cousin has this new song she made up for her new favorite breakfast (hint) and that's basically how it goes. Do with it what you please.

I love Liberty Tavern's chicken and waffles. They do it JUST right.

This decadent, fluffy belgian sweet potato waffle is topped with ancho breaded chicken that is cooked to perfection and smoothered in a sweet, chili honey maple syrup. They even give you fried pickes too - as if it wasn't perfect enough already.

#3 Picante

Photo C/O: Author: Jaz Bonenfant

Ghost tequila, blackberry, lemon. This Ghost tequila is infused with the infamous ghost red pepper... are we sure this is why they call it Ghost tequila though? Because this baby snuck up on me out of no where! It was delicious, too delicious.

Some of my other favorite brunch cocktails Liberty Tavern has blessed us with are - Smoke Showin', Maple Manhattan, and My Milkshake.

#4 Sweet Potato Pulled Pork Hash

Photo C/O: Author - Jaz Bonenfant

Oh my. It's basically everything you could dream of and more, I mean c'mon- look at it. Diced baked sweet potatoes, onions, peppers, gold fever pulled pork, poached eggs, and an incredibly creamy, rich and flavorsome, CHIPOTLE hollandaise sauce topped with scallions.

I'll leave you with that.

#4 Bucket of Bubbles

Photo C/O: Instagram: @libertytavernquincy

Yes please! A bottle of champagne that comes with an array of succulent juices for the perfect DIY mimosa. You can comofortably share this bucket of bubbles with 3-5 of your closest pals.

If you love the idea of champagne in the morning, try Liberty Tavern's Morning After cocktail as well - made with Deep Eddy orange, cranberry, peach puree, and prosecco.

#5 Breakfast Bowl with Pulled Pork

Photo C/O: Author: Jaz Bonenfant

This breakfast bowl give you the option to add either pulled pork, steak, or truffalo chicken. Truffalo chicken?! Say whaaaat. I'll get there- but for now- this breakfast bowl.

Scrambled eggs, peppers, onions, hash browns, cheese, and just in case you don't want to add any of the other meat- they throw in some chopped bacon automatically to save the day. Delish!

#5 Truffalo Chicken Benny

Photo C/O: Author: Jaz Bonenfant

I told you I would get back to you on this. Apparently "truffalo" sauce is a thing, who knew! It's beautiful, that's for sure. God bless whoever came up with this idea. A creamy, buttery, and sweet twist on buffalo sauce. Not too spicy - but just enough. Not to mention they turned this truffalo sauce into hollandaise, which makes it that much better. Drizzled over 2 pieces of crispy, warm chicken that is cooked to perfection under a pair of savory, scrumpcious biscuits.

You can't leave without trying this one.

Keep your next Sunday open... Liberty Tavern will be waiting for you!

Hours of operation: Monday - Thursday: 4pm -12 am

Friday: 12pm - 12 am

Sat/ Sun: 10 am - 12am

IG: @libertytavernquincy

Follow my IG: @jazgoodeats

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