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5 Foods to help fight the effects of alcohol

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Went too hard for NYE? Let's reverse that..(or at least try).

You may have thought that 5th shot was a good idea while ringing in the New Year, but now (yes even 7 days later) your body is still screaming for help.

Lets flush those white claws out! Or even worse, that tequila you just thought you might be able to stomach.

Take back the lead on this New Year and flush out those toxins with these 5 foods.

#1 Poultry & Fish

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Alcohol can put us in a fog, as many of you probably know that are reading this. Thanks to my favorite sources of animal protein: poultry and fish, we are able to re-create that mental clarity we lost after that 5th shot. Once alcohol is in our system, it's a whole lot harder for our bodies to process certain amino acids, tyrosine specifically.

This amino acid plays a key role in helping our brains produce neurotransmitters (like dopamine!) that our body can't process while we are dancing on the tables at 1 am.

So thank your next sushi roll or Mom's chicken pot pie. It's helping restore those lost neurotransmitters that keep our mind energized and motivated after a night out.

#2 Bananas

I know you're grabbing for that Pedialyte because your body is low on electrolytes, but you know what else you need to help out those electrolytes? POTASSIUM! Hello bananas. Everyone knows bananas are loaded with potassium, but did you realize how much your body craves it while your head is pounding?... A lot.

You may think you slept great that night because you were passed out, but when we get down to the facts here, alcohol disrupts our sleep pattern immensely. Bananas contain tryptophan, our best friend when our body is trying to produce serotonin (our sleepy neurotransmitter).

Thats right, bananas are key to a good night's sleep! And helping our bodies get back to Mondays.

#3 Tofu

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My vegans, this one's for you. Tofu is our friend, it will ALWAYS be our friend! I'm telling you, season that baby up and you can't even tell it tastes like cardboard.

But seriously - Tofu is easy to digest, easy on our wallets, and easy to make tasty. Not to mention it is loaded with protein. This plant-based option is just what our liver needs when it is in recovery. We know that alcohol overloads our liver with toxins from A-Z, and tofu is here to heal us.

Yes, other sources of protein will also help engage liver function, but here's the catch: tofu doesn't let your liver produce bile while it's breaking down fat, which allows your liver to heal calmly. Thank you tofu.

#4 Whole Grains

Of course I would prefer a steaming, fluffy, light buttered, white roll from Texas Roadhouse... who wouldn't? Anyone trying to recover from a night out, that's who. Let me tell you why. White bread benefits versus whole grain benefits has long been debated, but after a night out, white bread doesn't offer half of what your body needs to recover.

Whole grains are FULL of fiber, however, Texas Roadhouse rolls are not. The dietary fiber whole grains have to offer come with many benefits, especially for our digestive system (which can take a beating after one of those nights). Whole grains combat reflux and can even act as a prebiotic, meaning they feed our "good" gut bacteria, while alcohol encourages an overgrowth of our "bad". Whole grain cereal... yum.

#5 Ginger

No, not that ginger.

This ginger.

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Ginger is my favorite "day after cure". It plays an essential role in helping alleviate morning sickness and nausea. Some doctors even use it following cancer treatment in their patients. Ginger also aids in body pain relief and has antiinflammatory properties. (Did you also fall off the roof after that 5th shot? You'll need this.) Fresh ginger also helps restore our respiratory system... (drunk cigs?).

Ginger is basically all you can ever need. Add it to your morning tea, your whole grain oats, or even try out a wellness shot (if you're into that). Figure out a way to incorporate it into your diet somehow.

If all else fails and you are unable to reach these ingredients, stick your head under the faucet.


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